What is UiPath? What are the products UiPath offers? Why UiPath only?

What is UiPath?

Building a career in RPA is definitely the right decision for today.Let me share some information as I have sound knowledge and working experience in UI Path.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is now a boom in the market and it creates lots of carrier’s opportunities like “RPA Developers, Business Analysts, Managers, Consultants, and Organizational Change Experts”. To make a carrier in RPA is the wise decision now a day and further, it creates lots of carrier opportunities and its enhancement.

Earlier same kind of boom took place when Selenium came into the picture and lots of people reap its benefits by making their carrier, now market turned into RPA (once again 2006 repeating the wise person can utilize this opportunity that too RPA UiPath is the solution). This is the right time to grab this opportunity to make carries with RPA. There will be huge carrier opportunities globally and will be very easy to understand for who those are in IT or new in the IT field.

In the future, new RPA start-ups will come on the main stage. The RPA industry is growing by leaps and bounds. RPA may possess huge requirement in coming years.

RPA that stands to get autonomous process automation will be used by a number of businesses to cut back every day monotonous tasks.

RPA tools are not easy to get their hands-on, except UiPath.

UiPath luckily does have a great interface and is pretty easy to get around to what you need. New programmers can jump in pretty quickly and get the ball rolling. UiPath entered a bit later in the RPA game. While other vendors were busy with decks and fluffy conferences UiPath focused on providing knowledge around the subject and democratizing RPA. That’s why it won the market.

I work at UiPath, so take that into account and share the information with my knowledge.

  1. UiPath has been very generous in providing us with a community edition, so that developers like us, can also learn and work on RPA.
  2. UiPath uses visual basic for coding specific actions and uses .net framework variable types (string, int., list) for usual actions.
  3. It is a Windows desktop Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software used for automation for various web, desktop, Citrix applications.
  4. It is a very user-friendly drag & drops workflow based automation tool which requires little knowledge of .NET and VB Scripting for a few scenarios.
  5. UiPath is an advanced tool that enables you to design automation processes visually, through diagrams and comparatively low learning curve and is easier to use.

UiPath executes the processes built in Studio, as a human would. UiPath has a great active forum on their site that explains how to use the activities. Robots can work unattended (run without human supervision in any environment, be it virtual or not) or as assistants (a human triggers the process).

Technology: all the way back in 2014, UiPath came up with two killer features:

  1. a simple, intuitive (based on feelings rather than facts or proof)
  2. Drag and drop process automation design canvas powered by MS Workflow.

Foundation: Citrix automation as quick & reliable as it’s desktop & web automation.

Transparency:  BP (Blue Prism) & AA(Automation Any ware) hide their product and training behind a license-wall. But, UiPath encourages free downloads of its full product and all UiPath Academy courses are open and free.   By EOY 2018, UiPath revenue was 3X BP & 2X AA.

To be fair, you can be an RPA developer with very less or zero programming language. UiPath is a leader in the RPA industry which provides a platform to build robots and automate your typical processes with their assistance.

RPA tools such as UI have a reputation as a go-to resource for the toughest problems. Such as constructive feedback to product teams or Understanding platform limitations and design alternatives to work around limitations.

What are the products UiPath offers?

As a part of its automation solution, UiPath offers 3 main products:

  1. UiPath Studio – a powerful and user-friendly automation canvas that features a rich collection of pre-built activities, integrates with several programming languages and promotes ease-of-use, scalability, and efficiency. In this, it automatically captures all employee steps AS IS, generates workflows and export to UiPath.
  2. UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform (with UiPath Robots) – robots execute the automation workflow designed in UiPath Studio and can be centrally managed from UiPath Orchestrator. To cater to diverse automation scenarios, UiPath offers both Attended (controlled by humans) and unattended (independently functioning) Robots.
  3. UiPath Orchestrator – you can have your entire virtual workforce controlled, managed and monitored securely in one place.

Why UiPath only?

UiPath is the best choice in #RPA. https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&q=uipath,blue%20prism,automation%20anywhere.

UiPath RPA is definitely worth learning and there are several reasons for this.

  1. UiPath is the best RPA vendor which gives software platform to help organizations to automate business processes efficiently.
  2. UiPath provides unassisted (Un-Attended) robots and assisted (Attended) robots. UIPath performs surface automation better than the other tools. UiPath is probably the only RPA tool which makes the whole automation process as unattended as possible.
  3. UiPath has a free community edition within UiPath academy website
  4. UiPath offers free foundation diploma which consists of free training videos gated online tests and exercise materials along with the solutions.
  5. UiPath has a strong active community forum to answer your specific tech questions.
  6. Blue Prism per bot license is expensive then UiPath per bot license. UiPath can scale up to 10,000 robots per server.
  7. My personal opinion, will not take time to learn UiPath when compared to Blue Prism.
  8. The UiPath technical architecture is much more modern than the Blue Prism. The versatility of UiPath is better than Blue Prism.
  9. UiPath is based on .Net 4.6 released by Microsoft in 2015 while Blue Prism version 5 based on .Net 4.0 released by Microsoft in 2010.
  10. Speed of implementation and development in UiPath is 2X then compared to Blue Prism. Recorder helps if the business process is monotonous and doesn’t require too many decision capabilities.
  11. UiPath is getting AI integrated with their next version while Blue Prism is using IBM Watson for cognitive analytics which is the separate paid package.

UiPath Studio:

  1. UiPath studio is extremely easy to use and you would be able to figure out most of the options quickly.
  2. The activities in UiPath are well defined, Common Visual Business Objects (VBOs) and appears to be more easily discoverable.
  3. The UiPath based on Microsoft workflow foundation which lets process designer automate task quickly.
  4. During design, UiPath visual structure and design enforce a consistent view that can improve readability without relying on best practices to enforce a consistent look
  5. If you have applications hosted in Citrix then UiPath is a better tool to use because UiPath incorporates AI on their computer vision.
  6. UiPath has the features of re-usability. So the programmers have to ensure building library in a manner that can be re-used in multiple other projects.
  7. UiPath has come up with “UiPathGo” where you could find different workflows, code snippets, connectors, ML Components, etc. built by different minds across the globe. All these components are reviewed and approved by UiPath.
  8. UiPath provides version control at activities level and one could update version of specific activity depending upon the needs of the project easily.
  9. UiPath development provides integration to an external Software Configuration Management (SCM) tools like Microsoft team foundation server.
  10. Image recognition and OCR in UiPath is much better. The UiPath uses Microsoft & Google OCR by default and can be extended to use ABBYY fine reader OCR.
  11. UiPath orchestrator reporting is more modern which uses single page application (SPA) and very responsive with drill-down capabilities.

UiPath Orchestrator:

  1. The UiPath uses a web-based orchestrator to manage the bot.
  2. UiPath provides advance scheduling on their orchestrator that can use Cron expression for custom scheduling.
  3. UiPath orchestrator controller supports multiple versions and consists of built-in rollback functions. UiPath supports multiple versions of same process and easier to roll back. UiPath 2018.3 onwards is fully backward compatible. This reduces the effort of rollbacks and re-publishing of projects which saves a considerable amount of time for developers.
  4. If there is a situation where you need multiple versions to co-exist then UiPath orchestrator can handle such situations.
  5. UiPath development provides integration to an external Software Configuration Management (SCM) tools like Microsoft team foundation se

ReFrame Work:

  1. UiPath follows Re FrameWork easier to work due to direct edit on target scripts. It is an in-built feature contains in build XAML files and folder structure.
  2. UiPath can be deployed in a cloud or hybrid environment including PAAS on MS Azure and AWS available.
  3. offering top-level exception handling and application recovery using State Machine layout provides extra utility workflows
  4. Composed of workflows that record hierarchical and execution data in a consistent way.
  5. pulls credentials from Credential Manager and Orchestrator assets and takes screenshots in case of application exceptions
  6. Low code signature, Separation of concerns, Reusability, Easy to maintain, Exception recovery and retry, Audit will be built-in features.

How much does a UiPath license cost?

I had the same question and couldn’t find a good answer online so I gave UiPath a call. Pricing is as follows and does not factor in bulk pricing if at all available.

  • Studio License (Annual): $3,000 Each
  • Orchestrator License (Annual): $20,000
  • Attended Robot (Annual): $1,200 Each
  • Unattended Robot (Annual): $8,000 Each





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