How to become a good software Tester, some of the software testing required skills?

Finding bugs in a software is the task of the testers, but at the same time, they are domain experts of the particular software. The person who developed it will not be able to think for alternative scenarios and won’t try to crash a software with the intent to explore potential bugs. Testing is a rigorous discipline and requires many kinds of skills.

  1. One should need good analytical & judging skills and communication skills for reporting and convincing other.
  2. Technical skill: As I mentioned in my previous post for testing, technical domain skill in languages is important.
  3. Exploring the limitations and capabilities of the product is one important quality of a tester. Early testing saves both time and cost in many aspects. It is true that Test Automation reduces the testing time.

Don’t worry if you don’t have some of the skills mentioned above. You can always learn the things if you have interest. Non-IT personas can also grow fast by gaining necessary skills.

  1. If you are a kind of guy who wants to imagine and think out of Box to analyze the cause.
  2. If you know the technology too (domain knowledge) on which the application is working.
  3. The tester should have the imagination about the product before the development phase.
  4. As test operations have grown to be increasingly automated, scripting skills have become an essential element.
  5. Testers need to be strong in Logical thinking, problem-solving, leadership qualities and creativity which are very competent skills in any industry. There is a strong representation of women in the software testing field.
  6. Pure brains with good reasoning and questioning skills are good enough to have a progressive career.
  7. With proper planning and execution, testers can go a long way. Exploration, qualitative & quantitative analysis, out of box thinking, finding new trends, pattern recognition, risk assessment and mitigation are qualities of expert testers.

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